Beyond The Desktop

Featured in "Live, Work, Play", Spring 2017 Edition. A publication of the North Orange County Chamber.

by Christopher DeCaro &
Ryan Deshler, Kneadle

A website is an integral part of every modern business, not only for those that sell online. The web has become a replacement for marketing resources such as brochures, maps, and directory listings. Search results from Google (and the like) are quickly replacing formal background research, and at times, word-of-mouth recommendations. Businesses are searched out and evaluated more quickly than any time in history. Studies have shown that customers will form an opinion of a business within five seconds of visiting their website. With the demands on everyone's attention so high, how can businesses better position themselves favorably to these visitors? One of the easiest ways is to create a mobile-friendly website.

Mobile devices have changed the way modern culture absorbs, processes, and collects information. The type and size of a mobile device will greatly affect how the information can be displayed effectively. In order for a business to thrive in the modern market, it needs to create an accessible web presence. This allows seamless user engagement across multiple devices: mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Many business websites are still built on technologies that are decades old. Customers visiting these older sites on mobile devices will typically leave without engaging. Often, they will favor a competitor's site that has a mobile-friendly experience with similar products or services. Providing an appropriate web experience to customers shows consideration for their efforts and an understanding of their expectations. Additionally, a mobile-friendly site can help convey trustworthiness and an assurance of quality.

One of the most popular methods for creating a website that can be viewed effectively on multiple devices is commonly referred to as responsive web design. A responsive website is built in a format that allows the content to be viewed differently on multiple devices, in essence, the site will "respond" to the device. Each device is delivered an experience that is appropriate for its screen size. The approach utilizes a single code base, meaning the site is only built once. This makes the responsive method more cost-effective than creating a separate mobile site.

Websites should be reviewed every couple of years to evaluate their effectiveness…

The web continues to grow and change at a swift pace. Websites should be reviewed every couple of years to evaluate their effectiveness and ability to meet current web, device, and browser technologies. While an older site still runs on a desktop computer, the growing majority of web users will not engage with a site that is not keeping up with technology trends.

Creating an engaging website experience for customers will continue to be an important tool for business owners who want to be competitive in the online market and mobile culture.

About Kneadle

Kneadle is a creative studio in downtown Fullerton. We have been assisting businesses with strategic web and print design solutions for 14 years. Kneadle strives to build long-term relationships with clients, and proudly works with many of Orange County's prominent local businesses, as well as several Fortune 500 companies.